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The theory is that ghosts often use electronic gadgets around us

to communicate. An intelligent energy (entity, presence, spirit or

ghost) can be made aware of their ability to influence the

electronics of your internal adapters of your computer. The

various readouts are an interpretation of certain readings from

your computer. The intelligent energy should be able to

influence the readouts and communicate with you using the

app. With Spectral-X they can try to express themselves with the

sound banks but also visually thru the spectral view display

(spectrogram). Which is the main highlight of this application.


Two separate internal sound banks Use your own sound files for the banks (mp3 or ogg format). More flexibility! Playback adjustments: Reverse, pitch, rate, filter Sweep rate control for bank A from 150ms to 1000ms Volume adjustment for each sound banks Visual display with the included Spectral view 5 display resolutions for the spectral view Screen shot support Help file included No internet connectivity required 6 months of technical support (email) and updates (if any) And more! READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY and review our Refund policy Officially released : May 2021 Current version :
You probably seen some people using external pedals for reverb, echo, reverse and even for noise reduction with other paranormal software from the competition. With Spectral-X save your money, there is NO NEED for external pedals. A noise reduction pedal is NOT recommended with any of our software.
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No need for pedals! Technical support

What you need to use this software

If you are not sure you have the minimum system requirements to run this software, please go to this page before buying - Checking my system Note: This software will NOT run on Android devices (phone and tablets) or Apple devices (iPhone, Mac, iPad) or Windows 8 RT tablets or any devices with ARM processors You need the following requirements for your computer: Windows 10 or 11 Home / Pro editions Intel (i5 or better)/ AMD processor/CPU with a QUAD-CORE processor of 1.8 ghz or better 2 GB of RAM (memory) or higher Resolution: Min. 1366x768 / Max. 1920 X 1080 Scale and Layout of Windows Display needs to be set at 100 % Sound card Tablet mode in Windows 10/11 is NOT supported Administrator permissions are required for installation